Mission and Vision

The Mission of Parish Nursing Ministries UK

is to support parish nurses and churches to improve the lives of people in the UK through whole person health care

Our Vision is simple but ambitious

We want to see every church in the UK host a high quality sustainable accredited parish nursing service that provides high quality wholistic health and wellbeing care to local people

Although there has been significant progress in achieving this vision since the inception of the charity over a decade ago, there is still long way to go. Our five strategic goals for the next 3 years are therefore set out below.

  • !.  To improve and develop the quality of our communications and engagement activity
  • 2. To improve the quality and consistency of the services we provide to new and existing parish nursing services
  • 3. To ensure the safety and quality of parish nursing and parish nursing practice by developing best practice
  • 4. To develop mutual partnerships with the church, Christian organisations, government and public sector bodies
  • 5.  Ensure we have the financial resources to do all that