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PNMUK in Wales

In May, PNMUK is coming to Wales with the purpose of showcasing the vital role of Parish Nursing to interested churches and organisations. This initiative seeks to raise awareness and foster understanding about how Parish Nursing can benefit churches and communities.

What is Parishing Nursing?
Image by Tom Wheatley

10th-13th May 

Rivertown URC Church, Chester Rd W, Buckley Flintshire, CH5 1BX.

On Friday, May 10th, we'll be at Rivertown URC Church, conveniently located on the high street, where we'll engage with the community for a drop-in session.

Saturday 11th May

Join us for a tailored presentation at Rivertown URC Church, introducing the Parish Nursing for anyone interested in learning more. 

Come along to see what Parish Nursing can do in your area.

Image by Mike Erskine
Image by Catrin Ellis

Monday 13th May 

St Peter’s Church, Rosehill, Holywell, Flintshire, CH8 7TL

The Parish nursing team will be at St. Peter’s Church, Holywell on Monday to meet with people who access well being support at the church. Our Nurses will be running a Parish Nursing clinic for all to attend.

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