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Compassionate Care on the Streets: The Lancaster Parish Nurse Project

In a joint effort by local churches, charities, health professionals, and the housing department, the 'Parish Nurse for the Homeless across the Lancaster District' role emerged to offer inclusive nursing to the homeless and rough sleepers. West End Impact (WEI), celebrating 20 years of service, kickstarted the initiative with housing department funding for the first 12-18 months, actively working to sustain it.

Two Parish Nurses received training for the job. Based mainly at West End Impact in Morecambe, the role involves drop-in sessions, networking with health-related groups, and collaborating with local services. Efforts are underway to streamline processes, going digital for better compliance with standards.

A recent encounter during a drop-in session exemplifies the project's essence. A man, known to WEI but absent during Covid, sought assistance. Over tea and calls, a deeper need for peace surfaced. After a chat, one of the Parish Nurses suggested a joint prayer for peace. The atmosphere shifted, and the man, visibly grateful, said nobody had listened to him for that long.

This encounter embodies what Parish Nursing is: holistic healthcare that provides emotional and spiritual support. As they move forward, the team hopes to extend this unique care to more individuals, fostering a holistic approach that touches the heart of each person's journey.

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